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Not Just Another Health Book – Take Action & Bullet Proof Your Life!

‘HEALTHY TO 100’ will give you simple take-action life-changing strategies on how to achieve and keep optimum health. ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ gets to the heart of the matter and addresses the real cause of sickness and disease.

Not Just Another Health Book - Take Action & Bullet Proof Your Life!

At this very moment there is a very good chance that your life or the life of a loved one could be at risk. Every day tens of thousands of people fall victim to half-truth, toxic drugs, needless surgery, and the promise of a Cure. If you’re frustrated by the dead-end answers of our healthcare system, endless popping of pills or suffering in pain then this book is for you!

It will awaken you to the one and only Cure… YOU - it’s only ever been you!

'HEALTHY TO 100' will give you simple, life-changing strategies on how to achieve and keep your optimum health. With absolutely no health risks and a proven track record, ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ will save you money, but better yet, provide you with a proven permanent solution on how you can regain control, take charge and become the Master of your own health and well-being.

‘HEALTHY TO 100’ is loaded with take action wisdom based on Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s 30 years of experience running a world-renowned clinic for chronic and acute illnesses along with being the director of The International Training Institute Of Health, which teaches advanced training courses to professionals and the general public. ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ is a stand-alone masterpiece, which tackles the health problems that people suffer from today from constipation to cancer. ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ was designed and written with Dr. Wolfe’s straightforward sense of humor to inspire even those unlikely to read.

This extraordinary book simply and completely explains how you can take total control of not just your body, but also your life. This book can be read, understood and enjoyed by a twelve year old, yet its simple logic cannot be refuted by the medical system.

This powerful and provocative book is not just for the sick, fat, & exhausted. It is relevant for everyone, at every age, whether you already have a health concern or wish to avoid one in the future. You can use these simple, life-changing strategies as additional support to any other approach you want to take. Even if that approach includes more conventional therapies, such as: surgery, medication, diet, exercise and nutrition. Your greatest health insurance is and always has been, ‘Being the Master of your own health and well-being.’ 

As we grow older we must take charge of life and limb or suffer at the hands of others who think they know better, but in truth, they only see our bodies as their personal piggy bank. The health care industry today is going to great lengths in trying to bury the fact that the body heals itself, that the mind creates on demand and that there can only be one Master, ONE CURE!

‘HEALTHY TO 100’ holds the keys to guarding and protecting your health from the food conglomerates and pharmaceutical corporations that are determined to own every piece of you. Everyone has an agenda; just make sure theirs matches yours!

If you’re not getting training on how to Master your health then you will spend your life in treatment. You must take care when you hand your health over to professionals who don’t really have your well-being in their best interest. When we hand that right over to another human, all is lost when they are lost.

If established medicine did not have such a failing record then this book would never exist.

Look at the track record for curing chronic illness, how many of your friends and family have lost their lives to Cancer, Heart Disease or other, so-called, fatal illnesses? With all the scientific breakthroughs and running for the Cure, the healthcare system has not made one step forward when it comes to chronic illness such as: Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, excess weight, allergies and a host of autoimmune diseases. If you’re not in charge, then you’re in PAIN!

As long as you cannot make conscious decisions, your health will always be in jeopardy and you will live a life of pain and suffering. Our minds have been poisoned and MAN-ipulated. We are taught to only look outside of ourselves to be healed, when in truth, all true healing occurs from within!

There’s a saying, ‘Be aware of the false prophet (profit).’ Getting sick is neither natural nor affordable.

There is new hope for you and your loved ones. People just like you are enjoying and experiencing a healthier, happier life, thanks to the simple, life-changing strategies now being applied to their lives.

When we start ‘Training instead of Treating’ we will no longer stand by and see our loved ones suffer. We can finally take action and Be The Cure!

With ‘HEALTHY TO 100’, you now get to choose how well you feel today, tomorrow or even 10 or 20 years down the road. You now have the choice on how long you live and whether you wish to be healthy now and in your later years.

Remember, ‘U’ are the missing factor in true health care!

You can live each and every day pain-free. Now, you can discover how to supercharge your immune system with these simple, life-changing strategies for your pets, children, friends and family. The human body is the world’s most perfect healing machine when you get out of its way and allow it to do what it was meant to do - Heal U! Unlike today’s conventional medicine ‘HEALTHY TO 100’ gets to the heart of the matter and addresses the real cause of sickness and disease.

What you will experience from these simple, life-changing strategies:

  • You will take charge of your health and feel younger and healthier than ever before.
  • You will go beyond the same old, tired health advice.
  • Fast, easy solutions with cost effective, life changing results.
  • Lower Healthcare costs.
  • No false findings, risky drugs and needless surgery.
  • The ability to eliminate pain and keep it away.
  • The ability to lose weight permanently.
  • The ability to know what is right for your health and well-being.
  • The elimination of fear when you ‘Become The Cure’

Knowledge built on truth is power!

‘HEALTHY TO 100’ is not just another health book - it is the Master Plan. Never forget, you are the world’s most perfect healing machine when you Master Your Body!

Get trained to master your body and become the cure you seek when you download ‘HEALTHY TO 100’