Ultimate Skin Care Kit

$551.70 $613.00

Doc of Detox Ultimate Skin Care Kit includes all essential topical products for natural glowing, healthy skin:

*The skin is a reflection of gut health, it is recommended to consider whole body cleansing for optimal skin health and for best results of our topical products. 

Beyond Beauty Mist 

Beyond Beauty Face Cream 

Beyond Beauty MCT C60 (6oz) 

Doc of Detox Dry Skin Brush 

Doc of Detox Clapper 

Structure Shower Unit 

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*Other associated recommendations for optimizing naturally beautiful healthy skin or for more critical skin health concerns:

Ultimate Coffee Enema Kit 

Gut Health Starter Pack 

Vaginal Infusion Kit 

Perfect Day Guide 

CellSonic Treatments 

 *For proper dosages and step by step strategies to maximize your benefits from our products, we recommend booking a Perfect Day Consultation with one of our master consultants and receive unlimited 6-week support from our Doc of Detox Team.