SolRx E-Series


The SolRx E-Series is the world’s only modular UVB-Narrowband full body system. It can be expanded from a low-cost 2-bulb entry level product, all the way up to a highly efficient and powerful multi directional wrap-around cabinet. You can start with just one Master device, establish that the treatment will be effective for you, then purchase Add-On devices anytime in the future. All devices are shipped fully assembled and are US-FDA and Health Canada compliant.

The E-Series Systems listed here operate on a 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong grounded power supply outlet, which is common in nearly all homes in North America. Systems are also available for customers with 220 to 240-volt supply power; please contact Solarc for more information.

To build your own E-Series System, please select the number of devices below. 
Each device has 2 bulbs.