Beyond Ormus

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High Voltage Electrolyte Minerals

Ocean water is widely recognized as the absolute best source of minerals and trace elements found anywhere on this planet.

Beyond Ormus High-Voltage Electrolyte Minerals concentrates this amazing source of nutrients to create a nutraceutical that is highly effective. It is clean and as naturally balanced as one could hope for.

Our finished product is a liquid mineral solution containing over 70 minerals and electrolytes in their IONIC and ORGANIC forms. This allows our Beyond Ormus Minerals to be efficiently utilized by the human body providing simple and lasting results.

Directions for Drops:

Add up to *20 drops in water or other beverage, diluted to taste, once or twice daily.  Alternatively, add drops to your beverages throughout the day, consuming up to 40 drops daily.

*20 drops = 1.5ml 

Directions for Spray: 

Shake well before use. Spray on your face, hair and skin. Rub in. If you feel you are out of balance or need realignment on a physical and emotional level, spray again. 


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