Apricot Seed Meal 16oz


Apricot Seeds are a great source of B17, which is found in a variety of natural sources such as raw nuts, vegetables, seeds, and pits of fruit. Our seeds are inspected and tested for potency. To create our Fresh Bitter Apricot Seed Meal, we gently “COLD” press the oil out of the seeds so that the meal retains the FULL complement of B17, B15, enzymes, protein, and fiber. Simply add a few scoops to your beverages and foods to get your daily B17, Pro Enzymes, and Pro B15. Scoop included!

Consult a nutritionist for recommendations. One scoop is 1.25 CCs which is equivalent to one-fourth teaspoon.

Suggested Use: Start with one scoop a day, eating no more than 5 scoops per day unless otherwise directed by a nutritionist/health professional.

Servings Per Container: Approx. 450 Scoops

Go to the B17 Guide at docofdetoxlibrary.com for more information on this life-changing product.