Apricot Seed 16oz


Bitter Apricot Seeds look like tiny little almonds, but they shouldn’t be confused with them! They are the little stones that are inside apricots which are normally white, but, when dried, turn a beautiful brown color. Our natural Bitter Apricot Seeds have high levels of B17 (amygdalin) in them.

Apricot Seeds are a great source of B17, which is found in a variety of natural sources such as raw nuts, vegetables, seeds, and the pits of fruit. Our seeds are inspected and tested for potency. The more bitter the seed, the better the benefits! Our mission is to bring only the best California seeds to you and your family.

Suggested Use: Start by consuming 3 seeds in an hour. Do not consume more than 3 seeds in an hour or 10 in a day to start. Consult a nutritionist for recommendations.

Servings Per Container: Approx. 750 Seeds

Go to the B17 Guide at docofdetoxlibrary.com for more information on this life-changing product.