Ultimate Healing Guide - The Perfect Day Lifestyle (printed)


The Perfect Day Lifestyle is a time tested and proven strategy for superior health.

525 Pages

Beautiful Durable, University Grade Print

Laminated Covers

“The Perfect Day Lifestyle is a time-tested and proven strategy for superior health. The Perfect Day Lifestyle Protocol, created to guide and support Clients, will change as they change. This life-changing compass will be their personal roadmap to vital health. As a Client’s emotional health grows, their physical health will grow; the condition they are in emotionally is more important than the condition they are in physically. Unless people grow consciously, all physical changes will be short-lived. 

With guidance, Clients will experience the healing power of the Perfect Day Lifestyle and the enormous potential that Self Care and Self Love has to offer. When Clients take back their God-given power and uncover and discover their true authentic self, they discover the practitioner within and win. To do this, it is essential to stop participating in ‘Band-Aid therapy’ and ‘going from treatment to treatment’. The ‘Band-Aid therapy’ epidemic has infected both medical care and natural healthcare. A tumor can be cut out, but what about the belief that created the tumor in the first place? Was that cut out? There can only be one master – empower Clients to master their lives.” 

– Dr. Darrell Wolfe

The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Day encompass whole-body healing: Whole Food Plant-Based Keto Diet, High Frequency Nutraceuticals, Exercises & Advanced Energy Medicine and Emotional Balance. 

Frequency is the most important aspect of the 4 Pillars of whole-body healing. What one eats, thinks, drinks and does needs to be high-vibrational. Vibration creates everything – everything is frequency. Nothing is more important than frequency – the invisible creates everything physical. Frequency makes and shapes life at every given moment and with every breath. 

This is why the Perfect Day Lifestyle is built on a foundation of high vibrational living foods. To be clear, a vegetarian diet is different than a whole food plant-based keto diet and exercises is healthy only when it lengthens, strengthens, detoxes, and tones the body.

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