Thumper VMTX


Your Own Personal Massage Therapist

The VMTX hand held is easy to use! Simply grip it like you would a computer mouse, strap the flexible band across the back of your hand and unleash its power on any body part to relieve pain, aches and tension.

Treat Your Body Right!

The Thumper VMTX is the newest addition to the line of Thumper® massagers, it is ideal for delivering a powerful massage with one sphere.

To maximize the effect of your massage, glide the VMTX with the palm of your hand along the part you are massaging, this will also minimize feedback on your hand and wrist. Allow the percussive action of the massage head do its work. Use your fingers to glide the device in the direction you want it to move. When you want to apply more pressure on a specific point, shift the weight on your hand forward from your palm to your fingers. This transfer of pressure will increase the massage strength on that particular point.

With some practice, the use of the device and its effectiveness will become intuitive, as if the massager becomes an extension of your hand.

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