Super Strength Oregano Essential Oil


The Purest Form at the Best Price, We guarantee it

Super Strength Oregano is proven to be an anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasite, antiviral and an antioxidant. It is used to kill candidasis, bacteria and fungus that grows within the body’s system.

Our Super Strength Oregano Essential Oil is great to have on hand when travelling. Oregano is one of the top 10 herbs containing powerful antioxidants, which will help to slow down the aging process.

Super Strength Oregano Essential Oil Benefits:

  • Kills candidasis, bacteria and fungus that grows within the body’s system
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • Prevents cold and flu
  • Prevent gum disease and bad breath

Ingredients: Greek Oregano, Oregano Vulgare (Origanum compactum, Origanum vulgaris)
Plant Parts: Top of Plant, Flowers/Leaves
Process: Steam Distilled
Usage: Topical, Internal & Diffuse

ECOCERT CANADA is known for their superior standards in terms of quality for their certifications. They demands impeccable traceability and guarantee the respect of our planet.

Canada Organic ensures that our products conform to the Canadian standards for organic agriculture (from the farm to the shelves) containing at least 95% organic ingredients, exempt of GMOs and complying with sustainable practices.

USDA Organic (United States Department of Agriculture) represents the American standard for organic certification. It ensures that the product is exempt of synthetic molecules and substances, genetic engineering and radiation.

HECT is solely used in the context of essential oils and describes a product that was tested by gas chromatography to verify the quality, the presence of contaminants and to determine the chemotype of the batch.

We guarantee that Doc of Detox Essential Oils are:

100% NATURAL: Unadulterated by synthetic or mineral components or molecules.

100% PURE: Free of other essential oils, carrier oils, alcohol, mineral oils and contaminants.

100% TOTAL: The essential oil has not been decolorized, bleached or altered in any way.