When nature is in balance the cell spins clockwise then pauses to allow nutrients to reach the cell, and waste to leave the cell. The cell then spins counter-clockwise and this is how minerals enter the cell. However, all the minerals must be balanced, or this process does not happen. Electromagnetic pollution (from cell phone towers, EMF, & 5G) unbalances this process and deoxygenates the soil. By balancing these invisible frequencies with the revitalizer, the full spectrum of nutritional minerals is made physically available for the plants and animals, this is also true for aquatic life.

By achieving this balance, pig and poultry mortality has been observed to have been reduced by 90% in 10-20 days. The predatory insect population is also nullified by this balance.

Oxygen in soil usually rests at 15 inches deep. The revitalizer, using a positive charge receptor tube, and a negative charge receptor tube, strip the oxygen of its positive and negative charge to power the box and can oxygenate the soil 5000 feet down. It is programmed to concentrate the mineral and oxygen distribution to 10 feet in the ground which allows healthy fungi and insects to reach and thrive at that depth.

 This is not only for farms. Since oxygen is one of the most healing elements known to mankind this technology would be life-changing for any home or family. If a revitalizer is placed in your home, mold will not form, the air will become cleaner, and oxygen concentration will be raised.