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Ormus Gold - Golden Matrix


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Cellular Balance & Communication

Ormus Gold is essential for the survival of all living things. Ormus Gold Golden Matrix balances the brain, leading to greater clarity of thought, better decision making, greater patience and a reduction of stress.

Golden Matrix is #1 at Balancing the Brain

Golden Matrix balances the alpha and theta ranges in the right and left sides of the brain.

Doc of Detox Ormus Gold products will assist the body in correcting different health conditions by supplementing the body with essential ormus materials. Today, Ormus Gold is hard to find in food sources, we don't get it through our diets like our ancestors did.

We are now chronically deficient in Ormus Gold, which is an important natural material found in all living organisms. Ormus materials are generally considered to be a fifth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma, ormus).

The ormus materials are absolutely critical for the survival of all living things. They occupy a vital part of the framework of all things living and non-living - organic or man-made - and are believed to make up 5% of the dry weight of the human brain, and conceivably 5% of everything else.

We lose these important ormus materials in our bodies due to the ever increasing electro-magnetic proximity. Electromagnetic fields can force ormus materials through molecular structures and out of our bodies. This can be caused by our home appliances, particularly wifi, transmitting phones and microwaves etc.

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