Negative Ion Body Charger


Detox, Repair, Rebuild & Restore

The Negative Ion Body Charger repairs, rebuilds and restores the body’s tissue, organs and immune health.


Infuse Your Body with Happy Molecules!

The Body Charger energizes, strengthens and restores your body by flooding body tissues and fluids with negative ions, known as the happy molecules, which will then erase emotional and physical discomfort within 20-40 minutes.  Have you ever walked through a forest after a lightning storm or stood on a beach in front of the crashing waves to feel the tingling of the ionic electricity?  The Body Charger creates as much negative ions as if a 1000 foot wave is crashing in front of you every three seconds.

This is Russian technology that is successfully used for many physical and emotional conditions.  It is one of the most simple but effective energy medicine devices on the planet today.

It supports the body by purifying the blood, lymph & vital organs as well as reviving cellular & glandular function, overall immune support and providing optimal support for repairing, rebuilding and restoring all the body's tissues.

Our customers have reported that they had even much better results by combining the Negative Ion Body Charger therapy with a whole life consultation.

Available in yellow, red or blue. Includes fine metal carrying case as well as a large size Teflon mounted stainless steel charging screen.