Super Shower Structured Water Unit


Nourish your skin with Structured Water – Every time you shower.

With our Structured Water Super Shower unit, you can get the amazing healthy benefits of Structured Water every time you take a shower. Simply twist off your shower head, install your Super Shower Unit and then attach your shower head back onto the Super Shower – it’s fast and simple!


The #1 Water for Health & Wellness

When rainwater falls back to the earth, it comes into contact with various natural bodies, such as rocks and down waterfalls, it becomes symmetrically structured in a sturdy and elaborate geometric shape, reducing its surface tension, neutralizing toxins, increasing its hydration power and most importantly – the memory held within the water is wiped clean.

Water is life’s primary element and has a connection to everything on earth, living or non-living. Water, however, does vary in form through the various bodies where it is found, for example: water in our body exists in a different form from the water we drink. Through nature’s design, Structured Water creates greater flow of energy as it connects with life.

When Structured Water is taken into our body, it greatly enhances our body’s ability to rejuvenate and take care of itself, to become healthier and functions in a more optimal manner.

All Structured Water Units come with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty

 Why Dynamically Enhanced?

Water molecules from the Dynamically Enhanced product have greater biophotonic energy – up to two times more – than the original Structured Water units. This is not to say that the original product isn’t effective for the structuring of water; It is very effective.  The only difference is that, the dynamically enhanced products – in addition to structuring water – have an additional energy charge on the water, boosting the benefits of the structured water exponentially.

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