Gold-Plated Structured Water (Portable)


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As water travels the earth and comes into contact with various natural bodies, such as rocks and down waterfalls, it becomes symmetrically structured in a sturdy and elaborate geometric shape, reducing its surface tension, neutralizing toxins, increasing its hydration power and most importantly – the memory held within the water is wiped clean. Water is life’s primary element and has a connection to everything on earth, living or non-living. Water, however, does vary in form through the various bodies where it is found, for example: water in our body exists in a different form from the water we drink. Through nature’s design, Structured Water creates greater flow of energy as it connects with life. When Structured Water is taken into our body, it greatly enhances our body’s ability to rejuvenate and take care of itself, to become healthier and functions in a more optimal manner.

  • Cleaner, softer hair and hydrated skin
  • Better tasting water
  • Reduced water surface tension
  • Increased soil penetration and decreased evaporation
  • Increased cellular hydration to all living tissue
  • Increased plant growth rate
  • Reduce or eliminate chlorine and hard-water deposits
  • Appliances are more efficient and plumbing parts last longer
  • Dissolves calcium & iron deposits in plumbing lines
  • No parts or filters to replace
  • Maintenance free with no moving parts
Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel
24K Gold-Plated Interior
Proprietary Minerals
Lifetime Warranty


Portable: 5.5" length x 1.8" wide - 2.5 lbs
Shower: 5.5" length x 1.8" wide - 2.5 lbs


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