It induces very subtle scalarwaves that may reduce stress, harmful 5G, EMF, and disharmony from the atmosphere or space of one's home, office, center, practice, or sanctuary. (10,000 sq.ft coverage)

The QiFi neutralizes, unwinds and dissolves disharmonious fields from electricity, WiFi, cell phone towers, smart meters and stress or emotional pollution. It does this by gently inducing subtle scalar waves which dissolves challenges by inducing an unwinding affect.

Many who have experienced the QiFi share that they notice an immediate and profound sense of euphoria as they dissolve, unwind, and drop into their quantum field (or the energetic field around their body).  This subtle response induces people, animals, plants, and one's entire space into a very subtle neutral condition.

The QiFi is a yogic instrument designed to induce a retreat like sanctuary atmosphere wherever it is turned on. It is portable and can be used in different locations. Many use it while traveling in hotels or areas with energetic pollution.

It contains six settings to condition any area into unwinding with the subtle unique crystal scalar technology.  This technology purifies the quantum field and body systems by inducing scalar waves that has a subtle unwinding response. This is done by digitally processing, collapsing and weaving subtle waves through a proprietary crystalline technology.  This process opens up space and induces a very subtle opening into the neutral, and subtle condition of perfect equipoise.  

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